Saturday, March 15, 2014

To Color or Not to Color... That is the Question

Every once in awhile I get the itch for change.  This time my itch involves the question of color.  Specifically, should I or should I not change my hair color? 

I'm no stranger to color.  Years ago I was a redhead.  (Well it was a cross between light brown and red.)  The photo below is from my redhead days.  I went back to my dark brown/black hair about 4 years ago for a few reasons:
  1. All the coloring left my hair very dry, and I couldn't deal anymore. 
  2. I went the more all-natural organic route, and swore off all chemicals.
  3. I was tired of the upkeep, and maintenance.  It all became soooo time consuming and I just didn't want to deal anymore.
Fast-forward 4 years to now....  I've been happy with my natural hair color, but sometimes I feel like I want to do something a little different.  My cousin has these fierce highlights that I'm really digging.  But I don't know if I want to go through the hassle.  Then there is always the semi-permanent rinse option, which is good because it's commitment free.  And if I want to go the all-natural chemical-free route there is always henna or indigo.

What's a curl to do?  To color or not to color?  Any thoughts?