Friday, January 24, 2014

High Pom Pom Ponytail

My hairstyle for today is what I call the Pom Pom Ponytail.  This is more commonly called a high pony tail, or puff. I like to say pom pom, because it reminds be of my cheerleader days back in highschool.  This hairstyle is great for an old wash and go, that's starting to lack whip appeal! 

This is how I achieve my High Pom Pom Ponytail:

Items You'll Need
  • water bottle (optional)
  • moisturizer/gel (optional)
  • hair tie
  • hair/bobby pins (optional)
  1.  Spritz hair with water, so that hair is pliable. (optional depending on the mood my hair is in)
  2. Add moisturizer and/or gel. (optional depending on the mood my hair is in)
  3. Bend forward, and flip hair over head. Smooth it from the neck down.  You can either use your hands, or a brush.
  4. Gather hair into a ponytail. While bending, bring all hair into a ponytail that sits high on the crown of the head. 
  5.  Secure the ponytail with hair tie.  I like to use a either a headband or scrunchie. 
  6.  Loosen the front and side perimeters (optional). Push the ponytail upwards, making a loosening around the edges (as not to have so tight and ease the tension). 
  7. Fluff the pom pom.
All done!

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