Friday, March 1, 2013

Over-the-Shoulder Braid

It's Braid Time!

My hairstyle for today is the Over-the-Shoulder Braid.  This is also known as a side braid, but I like the name Over-the-Should better.  It has a better ring to it :-)  It's super easy and quick, which is right up my ally!  Since I flat ironed my hair the other day, I did this on straight hair.  But this can easily be done in the kinky/curly state as well.  Grab all your hair over your shoulder and just braid all the way down to the end. Don't worry if a couple of hairs fall loose.  It'll actually add to your look, and give that whimsical appearance.
If you're interested in seeing a step-by-step pictorial, you can check out the wiki article at the above link, which includes a simple side braid (along with a side french braid).  Happy braiding!

1 comment:

  1. Very Pretty!!! Have you ever tried fish tail braidiing your hair in this same style? Im sure it would look great with your length!!! I am having Hair envy with your length lol.