Friday, August 2, 2013

My Two Cents - Pure Shea Store Mango Hemp-Shea Shampoo Bar & Shea Leave-In Conditioner


I recently tried out Pure Shea Store's Mango-Hemp Shampoo Bar, along with the Shea Leave-In. Pure Shea Store products are completely natural and created without animal testing, parabens, GMOs or other harmful ingredients. I've been using the products for a couple months now. I wanted the effects of the products for more than one use.  Alot of times the first use is a fluke, be it good or bad. 

Here are my thoughts...

Mango Hemp-Shea Shampoo Bar
I use this like I would any shampoo.  I applied after my oil treatment.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Coils
  • Lathers really well 
  • Cleans scalp and hair well without any harsh ingredients
  • Last a long time - You don't need to use alot
  • All natural ingredients
  • Price is really reasonable
  • Personally it does not provide enough moisture for me.  My hair was super dry. 
  • Frizz was like WHOA
  • I actually ended up giving this away

Shea Leave-In Conditioner
I used this 2 different ways....  1st as the marketed leave-in conditioner.  I used like I would any other leave-in conditioner (post wash, and conditioner on wet hair).  2nd use was as a pre-shampoo treatment, used with a heating cap (pre wash and conditioner).

As a Leave-In
Rating: 3 out of 5 Coils
  • All natural ingredients
  • Nice smooth texture - Very easy to apply 
  • Last a long time - A little goes a long way
  • Great at locking in moisture
  •  I had to experiment some with the amount to use, because my hair is somewhat sensitive to oils post wash and conditioner.  Oils tend to leave my hair on the greasy side.  So it took some trial and error on my part.
As a Pre-Treatment
Rating: 4 out of 5 Coils
  • Smooth texture is very easy to apply
  • Coats hair easily
  • Great for my finger detangling
  • Smells wonderful
  • Hair was soft and moisturized as I rinsed out
Cons: Can't really think of one

Check out the entire line of Pure Shea Store products for yourself at the following website: Pure Shea Store or visit on their retail stores in MD, DC, MI, GA, NC, or VA. 


  1. I must say, I really LOVE your coil rating system! Perfect way to make the point:)