Thursday, May 9, 2013

Twisted Ballerina Bun

Today I’m rocking what I like to call the Twisted Ballerina Bun.  I like to rock this when I’m going for that professional look.   

This is how I achieve my Twisted Ballerina Bun:
Items You'll Need
  • water bottle (optional)
  • leave-in conditioner/moisturizer/gel/pomade (optional)
  • hair tie (2)
  • hair/bobby pins (optional)

    •  Spritz hair with water, so that hair is pliable. (optional depending on the mood my hair is in) 

    • Add leave-in conditioner/moisturizer and/or gel. (again, optional depending on the mood my hair is in.  I normally use leave-in conditioner)

    • Smooth hair from top to bottom. You can either use your hands, or a brush.

    • Gather hair into a ponytail.  Smooth the crown so there are no bumps

    • Secure the ponytail with a hair tie

    • Take the ponytail and roll it together from top to bottom. Then twist into a circle.  Then secure with hair tie.

    Add a hairpins for extra security. (optional)
    Add gel or pomade to smooth out crown and sides. (Optional) You can either use your hands, or a brush to smooth in.

    All done!


    1. I have no idea what any of this means, but the way that you described it step by step was awesome! Great Job Auntie Yvie!!!

      1. lol lol. Thanks Antonio! If you every are left to do Jas' hair, you'll know where to come :-)

    2. Hey Yvodney! I did the big chop back in September so I don't have this much hair yet, but I will definitely be taking notes for when I do! Any tips for a short natural? Stetched my hair is shoulder length, but I've got some serious shrinkage going on.

      Also, you look great!

      1. Thanks Jennifer! I know what you mean with the shrinkage! It's like night and day. When my hair was shorter I did mostly wash and go type styles. I would jazz it up with accessories (ie headbands, flowers, hair comes). I was big on puffs also. Be sure alternate the position o the puff so that you don't cause too much tension on the same spots day in and day out.

        If you want a more stretched look, try twisting in medium to small twist. When the twist dry and you unravel them it should give a more stretched look.

    3. You should try The Hunny Bun, Jennifer! :) I have shorter/thinner hair and it works for me!!

      1. Hmm....the hunny bun. I haven't heard of that one. I'll have to look it up :-) Thanks!