Sunday, February 24, 2013

Operation Straight Hair

Operation Straight Hair
For fear of heat damage, I don't straighten my hair very often.  Not to mention, I'm all about low maintenance and I don't like taking forever to style my hair.  But every once in a while a naturalista has a feel for a change.  

To reduce any potential heat damage I opted not to blow dry my hair.  I figure the less heat the better. So instead I dried it in my big ole dunky twists overnight, and proceeded to flat iron once they were dry the next day.
My Process (post wash and conditioner):
  1. Add Shea Butter to hair and put in big twist (about 8 twists)
  2. Let hair air dry
  3. Remove twists 
  4. Take small sections of hair and spritz with heat protectant
  5. Smooth out with flat iron


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