Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Hair Care

 Easter Hair Care

Easter is this coming Sunday, so you know what that means....millions of children, young an old, will be straightening their hair between today and tomorrow!

I actually had no intentions of writing this post today, but I feel obligated to remind my readers about the importance of using a heat protectant when blow drying, pressing, and/or flat iron those precious tresses.

Heat, when done incorrectly or too often, can take your gorgeous head of hair and totally destroy it in one bad application.  Unfortunately, once you've encountered heat damage, there is nothing you can do to truly fix it.  Yes, there are conditioners and such that help to improve the appearance of the damage, but the deed is still done.

You should aim to always use a heat protectant whenever using any sort of heated straightening instrument.  This will help to absorb most of the direct heat from your heated appliance. Heat protectants come in a variety of forms including lotions, serums, and sprays.  I usually use sprays, due to the ease of application and coverage ability.  I like Giovanni's Flat Iron Styling Mist.  It contains some organic ingredients, and ya'll know I'm a health nut. Regardless of the form, as a rule of thumb you should use something. 

Okie dokie my friends...  This concludes my PSA announcement :-)  Happy Easter!

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