Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Hair Journey

Why rock my natural curls?
I’ve  been relaxer free for 6 years now. I’ve always had long and seemingly healthy hair, but I started disliking the chemicals that I was putting in my hair.  Even though my hair was healthy, by most people’s standards, to me it seemed like after each relaxer my hair appeared more and more lifeless and dull.  So I decided to just say no!

Transition or Big Chop?
Photo from my Relaxer Days
I transitioned for about 6 months or so. Initially I wanted to grow it out, and cut out the relaxed hair little by little.   After awhile I got fed up in dealing with the 2 different textures, so I just went for it and chopped it all off for the start of the New Year 2007.

How did family and friends react to my decision to wear my hair natural?
My mom hated it!  She was probably my biggest complainer.  And get this….. she's natural herself lol lol.  I don’t think she hated it so much because it was natural. I think it was the combo of it being natural and short.  Every since I was young she’s always preferred me with longer hair.  Even when I had a relaxer, she would complain whenever I cut it.  She’s on-board and likes it now….but there were some not so positive comments in the first year or so.

Others where shocked.  They just couldn’t believe that I “chopped off all that pretty hair”.  But once the shock wore off, most people loved it.

My hair texture?
I honestly don’t know.  Not sure if I can box myself into one category.  If I had to guess, I would say 4a. My front and crown area are loose coils and the back of my hair has tighter coils. My hair strands are fine, and I have ALOT of strands so my hair is pretty thick.

My hair journey
Overall, my natural hair journey has been wonderful.  There have definitely been ups and downs.  I’ve had many frustrating moments, but also plenty of victories. 

Since wearing my hair natural I’ve learned a lot more about my hair than  my prior relaxer days. In the beginning I didn’t really focus on my hair care practices, or things of that nature.  So those times were a bit of a struggle because I wasn’t listening to my hair and giving it what it needed.  These last 6 years have definitely been a learning process.

Going natural has also been a really freeing experience.  Allowing me to see and love myself how God see’s me.  It has really boosted my esteem to know my hair and I are beautiful the way God made us…curls, kinks, and all :-)

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